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Ignite a Spark
S T A Y  C O N N E C T E D

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Day Care, VPK & Summer Camps for Kids in the 
Pensacola, Milton & Century, FL Areas

Our Passion and Purpose
Helping America’s youth prepare for life!
Camp Fire values children and youth and recognizes them as contributors to society by honoring their journey from birth to adulthood; fostering their development from dependence, to independence, to interdependence; and recognizing and supporting the roles.  Camp Fire translates its values into action through volunteer development, group experiences, mentoring relationship, youth decision making, embracing diverse populations, community collaborations and partnerships, advocacy, experimental learning, self-reflection and fun. 
Let Camp Fire enrich your child's life!
Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. In Camp Fire, it begins now. Light the fire within! 
Our exciting summer camp, day care programs and child development services are provided for children in the Pensacola, Milton & Century, FL areas
Focused Programs for Everyone
Camp Fire is a unique experience for children in the Pensacola, Milton & Century, FL areas. Our program offers everything from VPK programs to summer camps, child care programs, and after-school care for children. We strive to provide an engaging and fun-filled learning environment for children to enjoy. If you'd like to learn more about our current day care or after school programs, or are interested in signing your little one up for summer camp, please get in contact with us today to learn about registration. We welcome all children from the Milton, Century, and Pensacola, FL communities. 

Day Care & Child Care Services

At Camp Fire, we have a variety of child care and day care programs designed for children of all age groups. We are proud to provide everything from child care for young children, VPK programs, and even after school services for older children. If you're looking for a trustworthy program to get your little ones involved in, day care and child care through Camp Fire is the best option for the Pensacola, Milton & Century, FL areas.

Our Summer Camp Programs

Camp Fire is known for outstanding child care services in a fun and nurturing environment. Children love being involved with our programs throughout the summer months. While we all love summer vacation, children can benefit from the balance of a schedule and pre-planned activities during their time away from the classroom. Camp Fire's summer camp program captures the joy of the outdoors to give children a truly unforgettable experience.
Day Care Pensacola, FL

Camp Fire's interest in child care and VPK is a natural one because of our interest in serving children and families. Increasingly, parents work outside the home and more single-parent families exist. This changing family need signaled an opportunity for Camp Fire to provide a safe, supportive environment to reinforce the parent's role.
Day Care Pensacola, FL

Camp Fire Out-of-School-Time programs provide youth with so much more than simply a place to go before and after school while parents work. When Camp Fire partners with your school, students have the opportunity to work with trained, caring adults who can help them with their school work.
Summer Camp Century, FL

Youth, especially teens, want to shape the world! Teens who actively engage in community service and take on leadership roles at school and in their communities make a real difference and contribute to a better world. Camp Fire guides teens through impactful community service and leadership experiences.
Day Care Milton, FL

Camp Fire nature camp and outdoor programs immerse participants in nature to learn, explore, and grow together while developing a lifelong respect for the outdoors. We believe in the power of nature to awaken the senses and the desire to learn. Camp Fire’s summer camp programs connect young people with nature.
What Camp Fire Does

Camp Fire offers a supportive, positive environment that provides safe, fun, constructive activities for children and adults.

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