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After-school programs for Century, Pensacola & Milton, FL

Out-of-School-Time Programs
We're more than a summer camp. Camp Fire's out-of-school-time (OST) programs are delivered during the school year, primarily serving ages 5–17. Across the country, youth participate in indoor and outdoor age-appropriate small group activities in which they can explore personal interests, learn to make healthy choices, develop social skills, and have fun.

OST programs include before- and after-school, school break, tutoring, mentoring and club programs, and OST short-term courses.
Day Care Century, FL

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A typical after-school day care program starts with the entire group together, so youth interact with all ages and are not segregated by grade. After a large group activity, participants are provided healthy snacks and allowed quiet time for homework completion. Directly following homework completion, the youth participate in small group experiences. These experiences typically include games, crafts, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art  and Math) activities, outdoor activities, and more. After-school programs are participant-led and end with reflection. Reflection is a unique and critical component of all Camp Fire experiences. It provides youth the opportunity to reflect on what worked well, what could be improved in the future and why. Doing so is essential to success in life at every age.

After-school programs are offered 3–5 days a week during the school year to meet the needs of youth and their families.

Club programs are age-specific and connect youth with caring, trained adults in a small group atmosphere. Clubs meet regularly throughout the year, and youth often remain involved for many years. Club participants choose from a variety of fun and educational activities and projects. Family members are encouraged to participate and support their youth involved in our clubs. Family members become actively engaged and often tell us how much they enjoy connecting with families they would never otherwise meet.
Day Care Milton, FL

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Longleaf After-School Program
Erica Black
Becky Shiver
Assistant Director 

Scenic Heights Elementary After-School Program
Jana Williams
Frank Williams 
Assistant Director

Milton Camp Fire Gulf Wind Inc.
5590 Byrom St, Milton, FL 32570
Tammy Inbau-Byrer 
Center Director  
(850) 564-1649 

Pensacola State College Child Development Center
Tina Isaacson
850-475-1325 Fax

Century Youth Learning Center
Pam Townson
Center Director 
850-256-0953 Fax
Misty Lambeth
Assistant Director
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