Child Care, VPK , InterACTION, Teens in Action, and Summer Camp  for Century, Pensacola, & Milton, FL

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. In Camp Fire, it begins now. 

Light the fire within .


Our VPK gets rave reviews from parents! In our surveys, we get comments like this:
  • “Camp Fire staff does an amazing job. We love the school and the staff. They do an amazing job educating the babies.” 
  • “I am very pleased with the staff and the learning they are providing to my child.”
  • “I love Camp Fire!” 
  • “I recommend Camp Fire to everyone!” 
  • “The facility is amazing.”
  •  “They are great!”

Camp Fire uses research-proven methods to help children find their spark and thrive. Camp Fire strives to provide a safe, supportive environment to reinforce the parent's role.

Camp Fire School-Year programs provide youth with so much more than simply a place to go before and after school while parents work. At Camp Fire, students work with trained, caring adults who can help them with their school work, teach them about health and wellness, keep them active, engage them in community service projects, and provide mentoring regarding challenges youth face today.

Our after school programs at Pensacola State College, Longleaf Elementary, Century Youth Learning Center, and Milton Camp Fire Clubhouse are uniquely focused to help youth thrive.


Communication with peer groups and adults is crucial to thriving and success for youth today. Camp Fire’s InterACTION focuses on healthy communication skills and helping youth learn simple conflict resolution approaches.  Camp Fire Gulf Wind, Inc., has successfully completed InterACTION courses in several schools in Pensacola and Milton. This free, six-week course gives youth the tools they need to navigate today’s social environment. Our InterACTION programs in Pensacola and Milton have been quite successful.

Developed for middle school youth, InterACTION recognizes that changes in friendships, increased interaction with adults, and more complicated peer relationships create complex communication challenges for young teens. Middle school youth are often navigating emotional upheavals while they’re coping with physical changes — not easy for anyone, let alone a youth without coping skills.

InterACTION helps youth communicate more effectively by avoiding communication pitfalls, understanding how body language impacts the meaning of their words, and recognizing that depending on the medium used (text, phone, in person) they need to adjust their messages. And — most important — through InterACTION youth learn about peer pressure, both good and bad, and how to prevent conflict. Camp Fire delivers quality programming designed for today’s youth and teens.

Camp Fire Teens in Action, Milton

Camp Fire’s Teens in Action leadership program gives teens the opportunity to give back and make a huge impact in their community. Teens in Action works because an organized group of teens—not Camp Fire staff and volunteers—decide how they want to serve their community. Group members make the decisions, plan their efforts, and implement their plan. Teens lead the program and make a difference for themselves and their community. Camp Fire is dedicated to helping youth and teens become leaders today. We teach them the skills they need by supporting them and helping them take action. And when teens see the results of their work, they thrive. As we always say, “at Camp Fire, it begins now.”

The Teens In Action Leadership Program results are inspiring. Following are a few quotes from Camp Fire Gulf Wind, Inc., teens:
  • “I’ve matured and stopped taking life as a joke.”
  • “I learned job experience and how to work with kids.”
  • “I now strive for a better future and goals, and focus on school.”
  • “Camp Fire makes us better to our self and talk about our mistakes.”
  • “I learned I have a good work ethic.”
  • “I will acknowledge the things this camp has taught me, and take it to the real world, and use it as a tool in life.”

Summer Camp Pensacola, Century & Milton, FL
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