Camp Fire Gulf Wind, Inc, happily joined the 2017 Pensacola Christmas Parade on December 9! Our float’s theme was “Building the Future One Building Block at a Time” and featured huge Lego-like blocks. We tossed candy and beads and had a great time! Camp Fire is a strong part of the Northwest Florida community and proud to be!
January Theme at CFGW: GOALS
Camp Fire helps kids and teens achieve their goals through smart, consistent goal management, including goal setting, pursuit of strategies and shifting gears when needed. 
  • Identify sparks - Identifying and growing Sparks and Spark Champions.  
  • Growth - Adopting a growth mindset - the belief that you can learn new skills all the time.  
  • Goals - Building goal management skills.
  • Reflect - Creating the opportunity to reflect on activities and outcomes. 

Equipped with these skills, and with the support of trained, caring adults, Camp Fire participants are more likely to:
  • Stay in school
  • Demonstrate social competence
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Be environmentally conscious
  • Have a sense of purpose
  • Achieve their full potential
Throughout January, watch our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for posts on how Camp Fire teaches youth to set and achieve goals!

Longleaf Afterschool paints Kindness Rock

These are some of the Kindness Rocks painted by our Afterschool Camp Fire kids at Longleaf elementary. 

The Kindness Rocks Project, a grassroots kindness movement based on the simple idea that “one message at just the right time can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life.” The project promotes random acts of kindness in communities including, but not limited to, painting inspirational kindness rocks for others. Camp Fire Gulf Wind is enthusiastically participating, because inclusion is in our DNA. 

The Kindness Rocks Project was created as a simple reminder that we are all connected as human beings and we share more similarities than differences at our core. Exhibiting kindness and support for one another through random acts of kindness can have a great impact. With increased awareness, Kindness can become a connecting force for good re-connecting individuals and communities at large.

Another Great Year!

FY 2016-2017 Review
Dear Colleagues, Friends, Youth and Families,

As I write this to reflect on the past fiscal year July 2016-June 2017, it is with satisfaction in work well done. More important, I am proud of our Organization for stepping up to challenges and meeting them.

July 2016-June 2017 was a year of achievements and continued focus on achieving results critical for our success. A few of our highlights included:
  • Camp Fire Gulf Wind, Inc. was awarded two grants. The Thrive{ology} foundation through New York Life provided training and the Inter Action program to employ our proven methodology for helping youth to thrive.
  • In an age of too few system resources, we increased efficiencies through streamlined processes. This resulted in measurable increases in productivity.
  • Three Summer Camps provided fun and new skills for kids in two Northwest Florida counties. Through Camp Fire's Trail to Environment and Wise Old Willie programs, Camp Fire Camps continued to show growth each year.
  • The VPK program for 4-year-olds continued to grow. The program is designed for children to have fun learning and prepare their future. Camp Fire is committed to our Promise to help youth lift their voices and shape the world, to light the fire within and help them develop to their fullest potential.
Yes, July 2016-June 2017 was a great year! And as we launched into June 2017-July 2018, our commitment to increase our positive influence and serve more youth and families has never been stronger. Of course, we are still on a journey. Much work remains.

Though Camp Fire values have not fundamentally changed since our Organization was founded in 1910, our society, our youth, and our families have. Marching forward as one unified Organization, Camp Fire is ready to keep the fire within.
Thank you for your continued support

La-Vonne Haven
Executive Dir/CEO
Camp Fire Gulf Wind, Inc.

Day Care Pensacola, Century & Milton, FL

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

Camp Fire Gulf Wind, Inc. will hold its 20th annual Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® on Thursday, March 15, 2018.  We invite local businesses, organizations, colleges, high school faculty and students, churches and individuals to write thoughtful and inspiring letters to children in the local schools. This year's Spokepersons will be the Pensacola Ice Flyers hockey team!  The letters will bring smiles to a lot of young faces.  We thank those who wrote encouraging messages to students in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties in the past and invite all adults to joint us this year.  

You don’t want to miss out letter-writing extravaganza on March 10 in Cordova Mall. You will be able to write a letter (or letters!) to an absolutely incredible kid right there! We will be sure it is delivered!  We will have local celebrities and organizations out to share in the fun, so save the date! 

Summer Camp Pensacola, Century & Milton, FL
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