What Makes Camp Fire Different

Our framework ensures that your child will thrive.

Camp Fire’s Thrive{ology} Framework
Woven into every Camp Fire experience is our proven framework for thriving. We call it Thrive{ology}. It’s a research-based, measurable approach to youth development. Created in partnership with the Thrive Foundation for Youth, our approach enables youth to achieve their full potential through four components:
Summer Camp Pensacola, FL
Identifying and growing Sparks and Spark Champions. 
Adopting a growth mindset - the belief that you can learn new skills all the time. 
Building goal management skills. 
Creating the opportunity to reflect on activities and outcomes. 
Equipped with these skills, and with the support of trained, caring adults, Camp Fire participants are more likely to:
  • Stay in school
  • Demonstrate social competence
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Be environmentally conscious
  • Have a sense of purpose
  • Achieve their full potential

Child & Youth Development Programs for Northwest Florida
At Camp Fire, we light the fire within!
Camp Fire helps youth dig deep inside and discover their "sparks," their personally defined nuggets of potential.

Helping a young person become who they want to be takes time and encouragement. It takes paying attention to what sparks a passion. At Camp Fire, that's what we do. We listen, we encourage, and we provide the opportunity to uncover each young person's unique interests. Our summer camp will help youth become the exceptional people they are destined to be, buoyant with potential to do anything they dream of doing. We're perfect for children in the Milton, Century, and Pensacola, FL areas.
Summer Camp Pensacola, FL

Our child day care and summer camp programs will bring out the best in your child.

  • Camp Fire is a youth development program that includes club,  child day care and summer camp programs led by professional, caring adults using research-proven methods. Leaders are highly trained role models, who encourage young people to be all they can be.
  • Camp Fire is open to everyone. We embrace the uniqueness of every youth, teen, and family we serve.
  • Camp Fire is participant-centered—identifying passions and sparks. Youth are actively engaged and are given a voice, which helps build self-esteem and self-reliance.
  • Camp Fire helps develop abilities now. We provide a strong foundation for kids so that they prepare for the present and the future.
Summer Camp Pensacola, FL
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