What to Expect

Youth Development Programs at Pensacola, FL Day Care

What can you expect when you join Camp Fire? Here's what makes our day care programs different, whether you choose:
  1. Child Care & Development
  2. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)
  3. Environmental and Camp Programs
  4. Out-of-School-Time Program
  5. Our Teen Service and Leadership Programs
Professionally trained leaders. Caring adults who are true mentors.
  • Our work with young people is tailored to each individual, guiding them to be their best, a "best" they define themselves.
  • Camp Fire adults are passionate role models and champions of children.
  • Programs encourage and guide youth to discover their sparks.
Day Care Pensacola, Century & Milton, FL

Day Care Pensacola, Century & Milton, FL
Inclusiveness. Camp Fire is open to everyone.
  • The uniqueness of all young people and their families is embraced.
  • Every child—no matter what that child looks like or believes—is celebrated every day. No exceptions.
  • Participants build lasting relationships with youth and adults of all ages and backgrounds.
Participant-driven. Youth have a real voice and a real choice.
  • Guided by trained adults, each young person sets their best course, with no rigid checklists.
  • Youth build their self-esteem and are motivated to find their true voice.
  • As youth learn to care for others, they become more compassionate.
  • Youth are encouraged to explore their natural sense of curiosity and find their own sparks.
Immediate action. Camp Fire is about getting kids engaged now.
  • Camp Fire engages youth right away and gives them the opportunity to build abilities today.
  • We build a strong foundation, preparing youth for the present and the future.
Serving the Milton, Century, and Pensacola, FL area.
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